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0082 – She Tried, At Least

Tooooootally not based on true events. Nope.

Some people just make it so hard for you to help them. It's a good skill to know when to draw the line.

New background! This is the first time we've shown the library office and had to put this scene together for this page. It has been fun trying to make the background/foregrounds looking lived-in and believable.

27 thoughts on “0082 – She Tried, At Least

  1. Aaaah that joke, some friends have already done it to me too X)

  2. Yay! Goldie’s back!

    1. It’s nice to see Goldie has fans :3

  3. I wouldn’t have thrown it out, that’s just being mean. It’s a real pain redoing everything in a wallet or purse and we all have some things in there that can’t ever be replaced at all.
    BUT…I’d have wrapped it in so many layers of bookbinding tape you wouldn’t be able to lift it let alone tell what was inside it and then, when they showed up to claim it, spend a half hour trying to remember where it was stored and the bigger hurry they were in the longer the search would take..

    1. Wrapping it up is malicious intent. Simply not knowing about it gives plausible deniability. They can’t blame you for not knowing. I haven’t thought about this too much >.>

  4. Chakat Nguyen Brownears

    It reminds me YouTuber Kitboga and his software for torturing tech scammers.

  5. We found your wallt. There is no cash in it now.

  6. Hope it takes a long time and lots of trouble replacing everything.

    1. Credit cards are easy enough to cancel and replace. Driver’s licenses and photo IDs are a pain in the ass. I don’t keep anything in my wallet I’m not willing to potentially lose.

  7. I use to have a voice mail message that told people that leaving a voice mail would result in the following symptoms and then listen a ton of symptoms including oozing, spontaneous combustion, alien obduction and many other things. People loved it. 😜

    1. Hah! See, something like that is fun. The ones that are insulting aren’t likely to get a warm reception, as Marble has kindly demonstrated.

  8. Also, that had to be Silvers wallet. She would have a message like that.

  9. My best friend -occasionally- used to pull this kind of prank on me, and I often fell for it.. HOWEVER…
    1 – He did it ‘live,’ never with a recording.
    2 – He always stopped and talked to me normally once I’d had time to fall for it. Friends.. 😉 🙂

  10. “It was that way when I found it” or “a big boy did it and ran away” both work 😉

  11. This is why you never call Archer.

  12. I hope we never see the character with that voicemail.
    I have my voicemail as just like 30 seconds of silence, did it when I first got my number to ward off any scammers, but i’m too lazy to make it something real, even though scammers just ignore my number now. I use a lot of evil tactics to ward off scammers lol. My favorite tactic is to look up their number on a website that tells you name and address of anyone just from their phone number then text them a screenshot, that one always works.

    1. Mine is similar but rather than 30 seconds of silence, it just immediately goes to the beep. I provide no information to those who might be nefarious but I keep it inoffensive to those who have legitimate reasons to call.

    2. The problem with that is they can now have any phone number they want show up on your call display, including the tax department to make their scams more believable. I managed to piss one off so much they started using mine and for about a month I was getting phone calls from people complaining I was calling them.

      Remember folks, the tax department doesn’t call you and ask for game gift cards as payment for ‘overdue taxes’, they always use registered mail, at least up here and only accept electronic transfers or cheques made out to ‘the receiver general for canada’ and nothing else…using that name in a scam is a federal crime and the gov’t hates competition. The last time they said they were going to end the sheriff I said “good, I hope it’s Bob, he owes me twenty dollars” 🙂 Hubby got one too and said when he got there they could compare badge numbers for seniority 🙂

  13. Lol. Asking for it. Sorry you’ve had to deal with people like that.
    I got to say, it’s so strange to think of wallets as still relevant today. With everything “pay by phone” I hardly take it out anymore. I mean, even my library card is on my phone.

    Also, very cool Marble is able to wear what she is. I know many places that would fire her over dress code violations. Seeing able to dress as she wants gives me hope for a better tomorrow.

    1. I still like to carry a wallet, albeit a minimalist wallet that doesn’t take up much space. It’s easier to evenly distribute the necessities on my person as opposed to having one large object to contend with.

      I’m sure there are some places with stricter dress codes but the library is pretty lax about it, at least in my experience.

  14. She’s a librarian. Go old school, hide it, and then put the clues in the card catalogue, which I think is only a fitting analog to the long and deceptive voice mail. Then again, I’m old and perhaps a little morally grey…. >.>

    1. Hah! That would certainly make it hard to find as I am pretty sure no library uses a card catalog anymore.

  15. I have the world’s shortest voicemail greetings. “At the beep, speak!”

  16. And that’s how you get signed up for 100+ spam emails

  17. Fritti Breezedancer

    Just found and binged this. It’s awesome, I love it! *chuckles* Also, I have a pretty strong idea that wallet belongs to that entitled guy who doesn’t have his own computer so he comes to the library to internet >~_^<

    1. So glad to have you as a reader! ^_^ Unfortunately, there are plenty of people like the one you just described…

  18. As admitted…morally grey. 😉

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