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0081 – Good Pulls

So you're telling me I need to buy a playmat that protects my sleeves that protect my inner sleeves that protect my cards?

Silver might have just broken Arctica.

I've always liked the various cardboard accessories one can buy. All the deck boxes, playmats, sleeves, bags, counters, tokens, etc. all have their own styles and designs that add a nice personal touch to your cardboard experience.

24 thoughts on “0081 – Good Pulls

  1. IT’S TIME TO DUEL ! 😀

    1. Arctica scoops before drawing her opening hand

  2. Ugh, felt this one in my soul.

    1. Right? I don’t do the cardboard experience myself, but I know plenty that do and how much it means. Just, ouch!

  3. That hurts. It’s cool to be a punk and live one’s life, but she’s got no respect or empathy. How badly will she hurt them?

  4. So she’s a member of the dog ear bookmark club eh?

  5. That better be a borborygmos deck

    1. Silver does seem like she’d be a Gruul player.

  6. She is clearly all about the chaos and the amount she can bring wherever she goes…. I 100% like her

  7. Wait until they see how she cuts the deck, they might have to call 911 for a few gamers 😉
    I was never into any of the card games, I don’t know a lot about them, but one of these days I’m going to have to see if any of the cards the kids left behind are worth anything, some of them are over thirty years old.

    1. You never know! The older stuff has some obvious value but oftentimes some random card that was garbage one day will shoot up in price because it combos with a new card that just came out.

  8. Silver used : brrrap

    Acrtica: ;A;


  9. if card don’t go braaaap are you even really playing?

    1. Some people like the shuffle feel. Silver likes the shuffle sound.

  10. Don’t worry, the cards are only valuable for a short window. Besides, if Silver hasn’t pulled a special foil with serialized number it’s probably worth less than the cost of a sandwich. 🙂

  11. NGL, I’m seriously considering buying a pack or two of playing cards (just regular playing cards, not for a branded tcg) just so I can shuffle them. I rarely buy packs of cards because I tend to lose them one by one, but they are nice to have

    1. I keep a deck of playing cards at my desk as a fidget toy. I’ve never played a game with it; I only shuffle and do tricks with it.

  12. Leilani of the Depths

    Simply hilarious when we stop to consider just how reckless we treated valuable things when we were kids, and when we’re older, it’s suddenly all about protecting them. *^^*

    1. When we were kids we weren’t the ones paying for our stuff! x3 I remember I’d throw my Gameboy around and just generally treating it terribly but now my Switch has a screen protector and a case and I baby it. Of course, things were made stronger back then too…

  13. I actually really enjoy playing rummy, but it’s hard to find people who also want to play. Most people who play cards just want to play poker, which I’m way too autistic (or autistic in the wrong way? idk&idc lol) to enjoy. I’ve also played solitaire in the past, but since I still have an old exe file from my favorite electronic version of solitaire I kinda stopped bothering years ago hahaha.

    Also I feel I must mention, every time I come back to this page I’m struck by what a pretty smile arctica has. She’s definitely one of my favorites <3

    1. Foxboy is really amazing at expressions and body language! ^_^ He takes my crude and boring layout descriptions and really breathes life into the characters and scenes.

      1. Totally! And I can feel Arctica pain here ;A;
        Silver, Silver pls.

  14. Totally! And I can feel Arctica pain here ;A;
    Silver, Silver pls.

  15. That’s a damn good shuffle.
    The girl definitely would rather play with a set of cards now than laminate them for future generations.
    When I started trying to ‘collect’ comics my dad told me that “Collectibles are only valuable as long as you actually have a buyer willing to pay that kind of money for them.”. He was really on to something, remember the Beanie Baby craze, and how these days the only value they possess is in nostalgia?
    Still… that shuffle is a hell of a flex in a duel.
    It says “Are you here to collect squares of cardboard, or are you here to play? ‘Cause I’m here to play.”

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