Cameo Info

Are you enjoying Vixen Logic and want to help support the artists?

Do you have an original character that you would like to see make a cameo appearance in the comic?

You can do both! Now offering cameo opportunities!

Prices start at $85 per character and the process works similarly to a commission, with some restrictions. We will require character references that demonstrate the design of the character to be cameoed (more complex designs may increase the cost). Vixen Logic has a particular mythos the character must adhere to, so we can only feature mammalian species that fit within a modern setting (exceptions may be possible, so feel free to ask). While we are happy to hear basic suggestions for what your character might be doing, we can’t guarantee anything and the characters will be limited to non-speaking background appearances.

If you are interested, please reach out to us at

Thank you so much for your readership~