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0082.5 – Bikini Season

Summer is upon us! With it comes sunshine and fun! I just hope it doesn't get too hot x.x

This week was pretty busy so hopefully no one minds a chibi vixen update.

On the bright side, we now have a Discord!

Come hang out with us and other fans of Vixen Logic and Foxboy art :3

12 thoughts on “0082.5 – Bikini Season

  1. Aww. this is so cute, especially Chibi Zerda :3

  2. Chibi vixens are always so cute ❤️

  3. Mandatory beach episode!

  4. I always wondered why the bikinis ? modesty ? or can sensitive human-type bits can get sunburnt even when real foxes and other animals don’t seem to have that problem ? Of course theirs are usually pointed at the ground and shaded instead of standing upright and scorchable. Guess that’s why they act all humany about clothes most times, but at least they won’t have to put up with being called ‘cottontails’ since fur doesn’t tan…or does it here ? 🙂

    1. Why bikinis? Because they look good! :3

  5. Fritti Breezedancer

    No better season than bikini season! Well, except obviously naked season, but then again I’m biased >~_^<

    1. Every season is naked season if you’re brave enough >:3

      1. As long as you have boots !!!

  6. \o3o/ wooo beach day!

  7. I often see anthroes with bottles of sunscreen.. 🙂 I finally decided it’s not actually the sunscreen we know; it’s to keep their fur from getting sun-bleached. 🙂

    1. Aah, anti bleach. Who would have thought.

      And also side boob —

  8. Well yes, but foxes are predators, they don’t use ‘bait’ 😉

    I’d have cut a notch in the bottoms for the tails though, or maybe have it tie at the top, threading a ponytail through the hole in a ballcap is hard enough.

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