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0075 – Got ‘er!

A new day and a new round of shenanigans! Silver seems to be settling in nicely.

Been busy catching up with commissions this week but we still managed to get this one out.

Time to go stare at the sun!

5 thoughts on “0075 – Got ‘er!

  1. Cute moment uwu

  2. So much for that confrontation.
    Vixens mark their territories too 😉

  3. Why do I feel just a wee bit unsure of Silver?

  4. ;U; AAAAWWWW right to the feels

  5. Well, headed that one off. lol.
    Still just waiting for a “hi ho, Silver” line. 😝
    Glad they’re making her feel welcome. Thanks for keeping the comic going. Love the atmosphere and vibes.

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