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0076 – The Important Questions

Why do today what you can do whenever?

It's been a super busy weekend but we managed to get this one out. I'm ready for a nap x.x

8 thoughts on “0076 – The Important Questions

  1. Poor Marble, trying to be helpful, but getting shot down. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Truly being the house mom

  2. Hey Marble, take it easy. No need to hurry.

  3. Looks like we have found someone fun XD

  4. I’d like to have enough money to just take some time off and see new places without worrying about finding a job to pay for it, that’s why this is a cartoon 🙁

    1. If only reality worked this way…

  5. We all hunt for opportunities in our own ways. Sorry Marble got shot down. Who know, even “fun places” need employees. Might be her way of job hunting? . . .maybe?

    Nice panel out line. Really like the character building bit with the carton. Can tell so much about a character based on how they drink from a carton. Now the question is, will she pay for it or replace it?

  6. Marble and the rest have no idea what Silver has in the bank, where she got it or when she’s going to need to get more.
    She might be independently wealthy and prefer to travel light, or as light as a full tool set lets her.
    Maybe she’s an artist that works in metal and makes huge commissions, then only makes more when she feels like it or has to ? 🙂

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