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0074.5 – Egg Day

What do you expect when you leave foxes alone with a bunch of eggs?

Happy belated Easter and happy April Fools Day!

Sorry for the quick and dirty page. This was a busy week for everyone x.x

10 thoughts on “0074.5 – Egg Day

  1. I’m just really glad this wasn’t an April fools thing

    wait easter, easter eggs, chocolate eggs, how does chocolates works on this world? is it poisonous for them to eat that?

    1. The same way they use phones and drive cars I guess, they’re not that kind of fox ?
      Maybe they evolved out of it or maybe they were never sensitive to chocolate to begin with ?

      Even among dogs some are more sensitive than others, my grandmother’s chihuahua ate most of a five pound box of chocolates and the only effect on her was you had to hide the chocolates because she decided she liked them more than anything else and we had a Lab once that ate a couple of squares of extra dark baking chocolate and wasn’t sick at all.

    2. Fun fact: Raw meat and eggs contains a good amount of taurine, a protein that important to fox diets. How that applies to these vixens is up in the air >:3

  3. The old adage “Fox in a henhouse” comes to mind.

  4. Comments left on CF don’t show up here so I’ll repeat myself 🙂

    You dirty egg-suckin’…fox ? awwwww…which one of them watched Cool Hand Luke ?

  5. We can start calling her ‘Cool Hand Arctica’ or maybe ‘Fox Newman’ 😉

  6. Hey now! Foxes actually eat raw eggs all the time — in fact, raw eggs are healthier than cooked! Shells and all, for that glossy coat and extra nutrients.

  7. They’re not raw. When coloring eggs for Easter they’re traditionally hard boiled first. Often people will reuse the carton to store/transport them. So what you have here are dozens of hard boiled eggs they all wolfed down.

  8. Fifty, to be precise 😉

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