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Characters: Red

0074 – Grandpa Has the Answers

Page 74 FrenchSometimes all you need is a reassuring voice from someone you love.

4 thoughts on “0074 – Grandpa Has the Answers

  1. Unrelated: Just saw Red pop up in a Top Web Comics vote verification. I can’t find a voting portal listed here, do you guys have one?

    1. Oh haha! I totally forgot I had set that up. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll.. uh.. figure out how to get the voting portal on the site.

  2. Panel 2 is one of my favorite pictures of Red, so far. 🙂 Good, more hopeful expression after talking to Grandpa. Clothes just revealing enough to show she’s well-built, without being OVER-built. Thanks, guys!

  3. ;u; AAWWWWW

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