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Page 73Page 73 French
Characters: Red

0073 – Concerns, New and Old

Ooh... drama and backstory! Red has been going through a lot these past few days.

7 thoughts on “0073 – Concerns, New and Old

  1. Life experiences are nice to have but are used mainly for second guessing yourself 😉
    I’m pretty sure everyone has wished for a rewind/erase button at some point, but who would we be if we could use one ?
    I’d probably have calluses on my button finger by now.

    But the song says:
    [i]Maybe it’s the time of year
    Yes, and maybe it’s the time of man
    And I don’t know who I am
    But life is for learning[/i]

    and that’s good enough for me.

  2. ;n; aawwww she needs hugs IMMIDIATELY

  3. I really like the tuft of fur on Red’s chin in panel 3. Most artists I’ve seen just keep the smooth lines, but that little tuft of fur goes a long way towards making it feel more ‘real’, in a sense.

    1. It’s the subtle details that make the biggest difference!

  4. It’s nice to see fur presented as fur and not just coloured skin, it makes such a difference.
    This style strikes a nice balance between ‘too shaggy’ and ‘too smooth’.
    If you don’t mind my mentioning another comic here, this one has a completely different style but looks good too.
    [b]WARNING[/b]: It’s more than a little NSFW but the story is a really nice departure from the usual ones (once the naughty scenes are over) 😉

  5. I was too mesmerised by the nudity at first in this comic. But this is getting fire.

    1. Come for the titty, stay for the story :3
      I’m glad we could retain your readership!

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