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Characters: Red

0072 – Her Other Job

Happy Daylight Savings Time! Oh wait.. DST sucks!

Looks like Red's queue is a little full. But, I'll be open for them this week!

10 thoughts on “0072 – Her Other Job

  1. Everyone says the time changes suck, the vast majority of people want them to stop but the government refuses to do it.
    That means one thing…someone, somewhere is making a lot of money from it not chaging and the politicians are getting some of it.

    Up here the Province of BC passed legislation ten years ago to get rid of it but the Premier refused to enact it unless Wash, Oregon and the other western States do too.
    Other Provinces, some States and a lot of countries did away with it a long time ago. There has to be a reason it’s being kept and the only possible reasons are money and power.

    Back to the comic, will we get to see some of her artwork too ?

    1. You can see some of her work on page 34 and page 43 :3 I imagine there will be more of her artwork shown down the line too.

    2. Trufax (that have not actually been checked by me): The UK was juuuust about to cancel British Summer Time when *BAM* Covid pandemic and everything was cancelled.

  2. The best part is that this page looks like it’s supposed to be a continuation of the chibi drawling right before it, I was kinda hoping to see more nude Silver, but the funniness of this page more than makes up for it

  3. I wonder if Red’s artwork looks a lot like that of Tootaloo and Foxboy83.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. I just got caught up on the story and I love it so far! The characters are great and I love seeing nudity portrayed in a casual or non-sexual way. Keep up the good work

    1. Happy to hear you’re enjoying it! We wanted to do something a little different from yet-another-porn-comic and it is nice to hear others are enjoying it too. :3

  5. Asan artist myself, I can SO empathize with this! I actually closed my story and art commissions because I just did not have time to do new stuff!

  6. Take your time ya doof o3o/*patpat*

    Unhealthy fops = bad

  7. Hopefully Red doesn’t have anymore emergencies IRL so she can catch up on her commissions

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