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0071.5 – Busy Week

Sorry! Been busy catching up on work. We'll be back next Monday!

10 thoughts on “0071.5 – Busy Week

  1. i would like to point out i found and binged read the whole thing last saturday, and the first page update i see is an announcement about delay.

    1. Sorry for the disappointment, but life happens. I’m happy you’re enjoying the comic but as much as we’d love to be able to crank out a full page (or more) every week, Vixen Logic is a side project we do for free. As such, sometimes we have to prioritize the tasks that pay the bills. We do these simpler chibi vixen pages to still put out weekly content and we haven’t missed a single week, a fact I am quite proud of.

      1. it’s not really a big deal, i know keeping a schedule is hard, is just wanted to point out how after being so engage with the characters and being hype about being so close to a update i basically got “blueballed”.

        Btw i really like the slice of life aproach and how casual and nonchanlantly the nsfw is handle, it doesn’t feel like it’s an obligation to show nudity as much as possible, like feretta’s “A tale of tails” which despise of having a solid dark fantasy story going on, because it only uploads once a week, the plot can stop for a solid month in order to show a s3x scene in detail.

        1. Haha I totally get it. We’ll be back on schedule next Monday, barring any life challenges. If nothing else, there will be another chibi vixen page! xP

          Thanks for noticing! This comic was never meant to be a porn comic, but rather a slice-of-life that doesn’t shy away from nudity or occasional lewdness. For any nudity that does happen we try to make it feel natural and give appropriate context as opposed to shoehorning it in simply for the sake of having it. There’s already an abundance of porn on the internet and we want to offer something a bit more! >:3

  2. Hey Life comes at you fast! Take it easy and take care of yourself first.

  3. I know pika was only having fun 🙂 we can’t complain about something we’re getting for free and I like the chibi pages.
    Maybe do a few multi panel stand alone chibi story pages whenever you think about it and stuff them in a folder for later ?
    There’s always a ‘later’, life doesn’t do what we want it to, it doesn’t even do what we ask it to 🙂

  4. Oh, I just had another thought, that’s two in a week !!!
    Maybe make a few ‘Dear Diary’ pages for each of the cast and keep them until you need them ?
    We could learn more about them and how they ended up there that way and it would give you something else for filler if needed 🙂

    1. Hopefully we don’t get so busy that we have to rely on text updates!
      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the chibi vixen filler pages though. :3 They offer a nice way to show a little slice-of-life tidbits regardless of the current story line. You see that sort of thing in manga all the time. Not quite canon but still developing the characters.

      1. I’m not much of a fan of anime in general and chibis as a standalone medium but these are cute 🙂
        I’m also trying to think of a way to build up your ‘buffer’ in case you need to take a longer break.

        Some premade strips, a standalone storyline, even just ‘how it was done’ sketches would be good.
        Keep everything you draw and use that for filler, whether you think it’s your best work or not.
        Seeing some behind the scenes stuff now and again is always fun.

        1. Those are some fun ideas. We do offer some WIP images on Patreon. We’ve been good about keeping up with the weekly updates so hopefully we won’t have to resort to filler content but life tends to come at you fast.

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