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0071 – Just Like High School

You can tell Ferra is impressed by the look on her face.

20 thoughts on “0071 – Just Like High School

  1. Love how she just got here, and she is just immediately getting naked in front of them.
    I’m also still trying to figure out what Ferra is talking about when she’s saying “I can see why she isn’t bothered”, is it something about how she looks or how she acts? I’m confused

    1. Ferra is making that comment because of Silver’s impressive physique.

  2. I think it’s because Silver is jacked.

  3. Wow you could do laundry on those abs … there’s an idea for a future chibi, lol.
    You know I don’t actually know what that means, I’ve never seen anyone use a washboard so I don’t know how washboard abs would work.

    1. You put the bottom of the washboard in water (commonly a section of a barrel or large washtub).
      Then you grab the clothes, push them down onto the washboard, and scrub back and forth. A lot. Then do it some more.

      1. William Xerxes Wilson III

        Exactly! Then rinse in second tub then rerinse in third tub then through the wringer and on the clothes line!

  4. I’ve heard “you could grate cheese on those abs”, just not recently, after two kids I have an ab…one…it’s not the biggest or softest one but it’s mine 😛

  5. Communal shower rooms aren’t uncommon, any gym or health club or pool usually has one, for cost if nothing else, the one here has individual stalls with curtains as well as the “shower wall” but you still have to get to and from them and no matter how catty TV and movies make it look, nobody usually says anything about anyone else, at least not when they’re still there.
    I never had any problem getting undressed in shower or locker rooms, not even in school and that’s when you find out who your friends are and who are the bitches in training.
    I suppose it might be different for boys and girls though ?

  6. You can use washboards for other things too…
    I only remember us having a glass washboard though, not metal.

  7. Chakat Nguyen Brownears

    I have suspicion, story in this comics exist only to allow author to draw as many naked vixens as possible 🙂 Not that i mind. But it is kinda funny. 🙂

    But we stil don’t know what speciallity Silver have? Is she plumber, locksmith, builder, car mechanic… anything and everything? Her tools looks to be kinda big and heavy duty.

    1. To be fair, we really don’t draw them naked all that often and when we do, it is contextually appropriate. I like to think we are providing a nice slice-of-life story that just happens to not shy away from the nudity. ^_^

  8. What always surprises me is that fur covered critters need to wear clothes in the first place, then I remember…pockets !!! 🙂

    1. Poor Zerda basically relies on clothes for survival at this climate! x3

      1. It’s a wonder you can get them on any of the others at all then, particularly Arctica and Silver 🙂

  9. @Llywenna in my experience (Having experienced both…)

    There is no gayer place than a men’s locker room. You can put a dozen straight guys in a locker room together and they will do things that would qualify as gay literally anywhere else.

    Never had that issue in the women’s locker room. Everyone minds their own business and there’s no sexual undertones (or overtones) to any of it.

  10. Not having experienced both, except for ‘family’ changing rooms, I’ll have to take your word for that and even the ‘family’ ones we’ve used had seperate areas for each group to use although there was the time someone ‘accidentally’ opened the doors into each of the rooms claiming he was ‘lost’, he ‘found’ himself in very short order 🙂

  11. Yeah. I’d say she’ll fit in. lol.
    Great introduction to the new character. I’m looking forward to seeing the other ways she adapts and works with the rest of the cast.

  12. Dangit. You keep making me change my favorite! …as far as looks go anyway. 🙂

  13. The reason no one sane above the age of 12 comments on anyone else’s body, at least not in a negative way in communal showers is that the moment that person leaves the room, EVERYONE talks about him/her.
    Never shit-talk someone leaving the shower when you’re getting in and your stuff isn’t locked away…
    Saw one guy that got his towel handed to him… while in the shower.
    (That was in boot camp. Be shitty about the mates in your troop, and you will regret it. Don’t bother telling the instructors. They’ll do you a harsher one. They want team players, not bullies. )

    One should also remember that if you’re in the same group, you’re likely to share that shower room with that person again, so anything that ends awkwardly will be doubly awkward the next time.

    I still wonder how it worked while Grandpa was in residence?
    There’s obviously not a separate bathroom for that room since Red used the big communal shower the first day.

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