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0070.5 – Snow Day

Felt a bit under the weather this week so... have vixens playing in the snow!

10 thoughts on “0070.5 – Snow Day

  1. Poor Zerda, she’s not adapted to such weather. First of all she could use a pair of ear warmers.

  2. I love how Arctica just disappears in the snow

  3. I hope they’re rolling that big snowball up to clear the walkway, the kids never guessed why we got them to build their snowmen at the front of the yard and start there 🙂

  4. So; yah think Arctica has a white snow-suit on, or just fur? 😉

    1. We’ll leave that up to reader interpretation~

  5. From what I’ve seen around here, foxes love the snow 🙂
    You see them jump way up in the air then pounce down on mice burrowing under it, or maybe just for fun ? who knows ?
    I used to be able to watch them out the window when my office faced onto a big field.

    1. They hunt mice like that:
      Listen for movement under the snow

  6. Get well soon!

    1. Thanks! I’m on the mend. We should be resuming updates as usual on Monday ^_^

  7. Arcitca: Stealth 100

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