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0067 – Gang’s All Here

Finally, all six of them on one page!

7 thoughts on “0067 – Gang’s All Here

  1. Well, this is an excellent page.

  2. Dangit.. Every time I see a page like this, I change my mind on who has the best figure. LOL They’re all gorgeous!

  3. Man gramps is communicating with everyone EXCEPT Red. Poor girl

  4. Grandpa’s new girlfriend sent to keep an eye on Red while he’s gone ?

  5. I appreciate that you made an effort to fiddle the plaid on that shirt to sort of follow Silver’s body contours. Many don’t bother. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Thanks for noticing! It was FB’s idea. It was looking pretty flat without that adjustment so tweaking the texture a bit did a lot to add some depth to the page.

  6. You did an excellent job! A bit more work on her right sleeve and the top horizontal and it would be near perfect, but I understand time constraints, and that those would be noticeably more difficult to get right than the rest.

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