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0068 – She’ll Fit Right In

I've been trying new things with the plaid pattern to make things look less flat.

6 thoughts on “0068 – She’ll Fit Right In

  1. Oh my goodness, she is miffed.

  2. Well, here is this total stranger who appears out of nowhere, and seems to know Red’s grandpa far better than Red does…

    I wonder if he collected his other tenants in a similar manner?

  3. I wonder if she’s supposed to be a -paying- tenant. Silver’s starting to sound like -she- thinks “No.”

    You’ve been doing great with that plaid!

  4. Going back and looking some more, I am really liking all the expressions today, especially Red’s. And I mean all through today’s strip too, not just the final panel; eyes, ears, mouth, head tilt, all of it.

    I doubt it, but it could be just a coincidence that Silver showed up on the day they’re all expecting a new tenant…

  5. Red looks like she just clued in on the “offered” part and assumes she won’t be getting paid to clean up after her, plus pay for her meals to boot.
    Maybe Grandpa will cover her expenses ?

  6. or…maybe she did just meet him on a trip, all they did was chat, and she’s going to pay her own way while she’s here looking around ? Whi kniows ? maybe she’s independently wealthy, or hit the lottery 😉

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