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0066 – Let’s Try This One More Time

The new tenant is finally here! Welcome, Silver!

I'm trying new shading/coloring techniques so some things might change here and there.

18 thoughts on “0066 – Let’s Try This One More Time

  1. Okay I already like her

  2. She showed up with pizza, roommate quality-acceptable.
    The only question did she know how many to bring ? over-the-phone briefing ?

  3. For what little it’s worth seeing as I’m in no way artistically inclined, I like the style that’s been used all along, it’s part of what kept me here after reading the first few pages. Do it whatever way you want to, it’s your creation after all, but just remember that if ever you decide to fall back to what it started out as, that’s quite alright too 🙂

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying ^_^ Vixen Logic serves as a way for us to improve on our artistic and writing skills while gaining other skills in the process. Things will evolve and improve as time goes on but I can’t imagine the comic will venture too far from its origins.

  4. AWWW Pizza , the best welcome gift 😀

  5. Hah, a black fox. She will complete the set perfectly. :]
    Red’s expression in panel two is priceless, she just can’t get a break from the constant stress.

    1. This comic has been a wonderful opportunity to try different expressions and poses. In a stand alone pic, it wouldn’t make much sense to feature such body language, but a comic allows additional context and a variety of situations so it fits better.

  6. Flannel, nice fashion choice

  7. Ah finally, a Canadian fox

  8. There was already one here 😛
    Besides, Arctica is an Arctic fox so she has a good chance of being a product of the real Great White North
    Silver foxes live here too but that might just be another Yankee hipster in a flannel shirt, time will tell.

  9. I like her already, and oh boy can I not wait for HER shower scene, she looks to be the biggest one here!

  10. Which-I-consider a drawback for her. LOL To each their own! 🙂

  11. Maybe she can take a shower while Castor fixes it 😉

  12. Speaking of showers…..
    Red takes hers with the others and there was a basket waiting for her in the shower room
    so apparently she doesn’t have a private ‘Landlady only’ one.
    Which begs the question “Where did Grampa take his showers ?”
    Or is that why Arctica said the rent was so low back on Pg 24 ? 😉

  13. I was rereading from the start to be sure about a few things before I referred to them and I noticed that you have a page64.png, a 64-5, and a 64-7 but if you try to click through from page 63 it goes to the 64.png one and there’s no way to go past that without going to the archive and skipping it that way.
    That might make it a little hard for people reading for the first time to read through and they could think the comic just ends there.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I think I fixed it. It’s looking good from my end at least.

      1. That seems to have, I just didn’t want anyone to think it ended there or wasn’t updating and stop reading.

  14. Yeah, she’ll fit in. lol.

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