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0053 – Damn Good

Late post due to computer issues >.<

We've all met someone like Castor in our lives at one point or another.

7 thoughts on “0053 – Damn Good

  1. He looks like a busy little beaver

  2. So was Granny dangerously inept, or has Grandpa been telling tales? Neither of them looks impressed with the other.
    Red looks particularly good with that ponytail today!

  3. Busier than a cat burying shit on concrete!

  4. Love the store name, always need more puns like that

  5. OOF , not very trusting XD

  6. A good handyman should be willing to rib you over the quality of your work but not so much that you stop shopping there.

  7. Love the play on words there for the shop. Good composition too.

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