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0053.5 – Kitsune

Taking a break this week while we spend time with our families. See you next week!

6 thoughts on “0053.5 – Kitsune

  1. I know that it’s a joke, but for the sake of people who don’t know, that’s not how being a kitsune actually works. A kitsune starts off looking like a normal fox for the first 100 years of it’s life, but gains a tail for every additional 100 years that it lives

  2. So, what does a Kitsune get when it has lived 1,000 years? Tenth Tail? God-hood? Reborn?
    Yes, I’m seriously curious.
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. LvL cap I guess

  3. Level cap I guess

  4. A coupon for half off the bulk bottle of Tobishari’s tail wax

  5. They just don’t grow more tails after the ninth one, however they do still continue to grow more powerful

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