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0052 – Obsolete Occupation

Based on true events.

9 thoughts on “0052 – Obsolete Occupation

  1. Thanks to all librarians who’ve had to put up with people like that as well as the emotional fatigue and labor. You all rock and are real heroes!

  2. If someone ever says books and libraries are useless due to the internet, you know they have the mental capabilities of a microwave.

  3. Librarians are on the front lines fighting for our freedom to learn and read. They deserve combat pay and medals

    1. Sometimes even dealing with literal actual combat…

  4. Power went out last week, my book still worked.
    We just got a new microwave, I think it’s smarter than the dog.

  5. It’s no mere coincidence that he happens to be a jackass………..

    Librarians are some of the greatest people in this world. Who else could organize literally hundreds of thousands of books, AND be able to tell you where a specific one is at any given time!

    1. Despite the public’s seeming best efforts to throw everything into chaotic disarray at any given opportunity! >:V

  6. This man is truly an ass.

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