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Page 79Page 79 French

0079 – Playing Games

Foxes always up to their tricks...

Trying a new technique with the background using 3D renders. This saves us some time while allowing us to be a bit more detailed. If this works, we will improve upon it for future pages.

Special guest appearances by Darnel and Diamond! Want a chance for your character to appear on a page? More information coming soon~



7 thoughts on “0079 – Playing Games


  2. Shenanigans are afoot! :O

  3. This will have an interesting turn out. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

  4. She’s a mischevious kiddy little Vixen there I see! I shall see her shenanigans. Poor Red tho. XD

  5. Hopefully she won’t soil her reputation too badly ;3

  6. I am liking Silver even less. 🙁

  7. I get the feeling she lives by the principle “never tell the truth if a lie would be funnier”

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