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0062 – Foxes and Boxes

Are they just stealing that stuff?

We hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

9 thoughts on “0062 – Foxes and Boxes

  1. Glassic Gameboy! Nice!

  2. Oddly enough I’m going through something similar myself….

    1. Maybe you’ll find some treasures!

  3. At this point I’d just be happy to find what crate has my winter clothes. Shorts and light shirts don’t do so well in rain and snow…

  4. I can almost hear Ferra saying “Rawr.” in a flat monotone as she plays with that skull.

  5. I -really- like panels 3 + 4. LOL

  6. Dang. I MEANT panels 3 + -5-. oops.

    1. It’s actually a three panel comic. That’s a door frame in the middle, not a gutter. Maybe that’s something we can make more clear in the future. Glad you’re enjoying the comic! ^_^

  7. Looks like they are certainly uncovering buried treasure! Wow!

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