0062.5 – Thanksgiving Aftermath

Taking a break to digest. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and your families didn't drive you too crazy. See you next week!

5 thoughts on “0062.5 – Thanksgiving Aftermath

  1. Red’s got an outie!

  2. I still have the pie.

    Oh boy what flavor?


  3. That’s just her turkey timer, she’s done 😉

  4. Trying to understand how I managed to forget this delightful comic even existed, other than my chronic absent-mindedness, then I noticed the RSS feed isn’t working. That said, getting the distinct impression I might be one of the few people still using them.

    1. Welcome back! I am not sure why I can’t seem to get the RSS feed to work. Others have mentioned it wasn’t working before and I thought I had fixed it but apparently not. I’ll keep trying things.

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