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0058 – Cannot Refute

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

19 thoughts on “0058 – Cannot Refute

  1. Yay for nude Marble finally !

  2. UUUUHHHHH!!! …..Fair enough xD

  3. Now I see where you got the name for your comic from.

  4. yaaaaaaaass Finally.

  5. If she is using multiple cans of paint of the same color, I hope that she remembered to mix them together first, otherwise there will be subtle differences in color between areas by different cans. Individual cans are always off by a little bit.

  6. Now we just need Arctica to join in !

  7. BTW do we know what the sexualities of the characters are?

  8. It got better! You all are so awesome! I can so relate to this page. That awkward feeling, defending why one is naked. The nervousness of being caught.

    The poses in the first two panels nailed that feeling. Hit me good.

    Glad she has understanding and supportive people around her!

    Just love this comic so much! Keep up the awesome work.

    1. Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying it :3

  9. I agree! …except that I like panels 3 and 4 even better. 😉 🙂

  10. The logic is indeed flawless.

  11. Your age verification is broken. After hitting “yes” it pops up again. Not sure if this is a side-effect of Safari’s tracking protection but it’s not because of adblocking, it happens even with content blockers disabled. Only way around it in fact is to use a custom Adblock rule to hide the modal.

    1. Whoops! Thanks for letting me know. We had that issue before but I guess it’s happening again. I’ll just turn it off.

  12. That’s happened to me on several other sites, it just started a few weeks ago but it’s incredibly infuriating and I can’t figure out how to get Adblock to stop it.

  13. This page was featured on a non-furry nudist discussion thread on Bluesky! They liked it!

    1. Oh excellent! Thanks for letting us know ^_^

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