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Characters: Red

0057 – Fresh Coat of Paint

It's more comfortable working like that anyhow.

8 thoughts on “0057 – Fresh Coat of Paint

  1. Violet paint on violet clothes and running out …….. Nice excuses to paint nude XD

  2. Surely paint would be difficult to get off fur as well…

  3. It really is a lot easier, a lot less sweaty, and latex paint washes off in the shower. Just remember to cover your hair, she might need the paper overalls from Dollarama for that though.

  4. I’d keep the piercings in too, if I had them.
    Sure as heck a drop of paint would go right inside the hole and dry there.

  5. I feel like there’s a fox brush joke here somewhere …
    But yay, titties!

  6. Most comfortable outfit ever! Especially to paint in!

  7. Yes! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that for this reason! Way to represent! Very cool! This is a huge relief to see too. You all rock.

  8. Well, the windows are covered so…

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