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0040 – At Least It Was Returned On Time

... also gonna need a lot of tape. And some bleach.

Repairing books is actually quite fun and relaxing~

9 thoughts on “0040 – At Least It Was Returned On Time

  1. I love this page and let us keep our libraries open.

  2. that dogo is rly cute. i hope we get to see her more :3

  3. Maybe it’s a donation ?
    If it is be glad that’s all it is, I imagine some pretty nasty things show up in dropoff slots.

    1. Every morning is a new game of What’s in the Overnight Book Drop Today! My favorite is a full set of keys that no one ever came to claim.

      1. My sister is a librarian, and has tales to tell. Have your read the book “Dewey,” about a cat abandoned in a book drop?

        1. I’m sure the two of us could occupy a coffee shop table for a good few hours exchanging stories.

          I’ve heard of the title but I’ve not read it myself. It sounds sweet though.

  4. As a librarian myself I resonate with this one. 😉 In fact, I was dealing with some withdrawn stuff yesterday: one had a note saying “gross stains! Throw away!”

    Oh dear.

    1. The worst ones are the ones that have an odor…

  5. I love libraries. The feel, the smell of all those books, the potential. They’re wonderful and a benchmark of a stable and well run society.

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