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0035 – Ol’ Reliable

Red learned a lot of life skills from her Grandpa.

Fun fact: I based Grandpa's truck off of my old RC truck ~FB

6 thoughts on “0035 – Ol’ Reliable

  1. looks similar to Toyota Hilux, those things are impossible to kill x3

  2. I love ❤️ what you did here. Well done ?? on the look of the truck.

  3. HOW long has it been since you visited Grandpa?

    Yup! Mine had well over 300k miles on it when I made the mistake of selling it. 🙂

  4. Our family owned a Toyota pickup, once upon a time. Manuel windows. Everything worked great except the A/C.

    This was Florida.

    I have mixed feelings about that truck,

  5. Looks like a Jeep Comanche.

  6. I had a red Ford Ranger that I bought used with 36k miles on it. I sold it to a dealership at 210k miles on it. The next day I passed it sitting on the side of the road, ONE block away from the dealership. The engine was sitting on the ground underneath it. I seriously dodged a bullet with my perfect timing. 🙂 Great truck though, for a 1991.

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