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0035 – Ol’ Reliable

Red learned a lot of life skills from her Grandpa.

Fun fact: I based Grandpa's truck off of my old RC truck ~FB

6 thoughts on “0035 – Ol’ Reliable

  1. looks similar to Toyota Hilux, those things are impossible to kill x3

  2. I love ❤️ what you did here. Well done 👍🏿 on the look of the truck.

  3. HOW long has it been since you visited Grandpa?

    Yup! Mine had well over 300k miles on it when I made the mistake of selling it. 🙂

  4. Our family owned a Toyota pickup, once upon a time. Manuel windows. Everything worked great except the A/C.

    This was Florida.

    I have mixed feelings about that truck,

  5. Looks like a Jeep Comanche.

  6. I had a red Ford Ranger that I bought used with 36k miles on it. I sold it to a dealership at 210k miles on it. The next day I passed it sitting on the side of the road, ONE block away from the dealership. The engine was sitting on the ground underneath it. I seriously dodged a bullet with my perfect timing. 🙂 Great truck though, for a 1991.

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