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0084 – Taco Night

I guess it's really more of a calzone...

Whew... this one just seemed to take forever to get done x.x The heat surely didn't help any.

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17 thoughts on “0084 – Taco Night


    Paco ?…. Tizza ?

    1. Tacozza?

      1. Pizzaco?

  2. I have done exactly that with one of the kids when they decided $50 worth of pizza wasn’t what they wanted, are you psychic ?
    Pizza is the perfect meal, it has all the food groups, grains, meat, dairy, veggie, even fruit if you like pineapple on pizza and anyone who doesn’t is a little suspicious to me 😉
    I read an article not long ago saying that pizza is a better breakfast than cereal and I agree.
    I saw breakfast pizzas with eggs and bacon and sausages and sliced tomatoes before and I don’t see it as being any different than having the same things with toast, so I make one occasionally at home since I want chicken or turkey or veggie bacon/sausages instead of pork and everyone eats it, it’s like a fritata on flatbread but easier to make 🙂

  3. I’m really starting to identify with Ferra, she probably hasn’t had kids of her own yet but I get the feeling she had to help with brothers and sisters a lot younger than her 🙂

  4. Fritti Breezedancer

    One of the two best ways to eat pizza. The other way…

    roll it up like a pancake >~_^<

  5. Looks like Arctica managed to dodge having to go to the gym, for the moment at least… 🙂

  6. Folded over is the New York way!

  7. Pizzaco?

  8. Lay one slice of pizza on top of another and you’ve got lasagna, or as the kids called it ‘pizza cake’ 🙂

    1. Flip the top one upside-down and it’s a pizza sandwich!

  9. If your pizza isn’t so floppy you have to fold it in half merely for the sake of structural stability, what are you even doing?

  10. Cold pizza for breakfast is still better than no breakfast.

    1. I like cold pizza in general :3 Although this only applies to pizza without veggies as the veggies make the cheese soggy and that’s not so good…

      1. Cold, stiff pizza left in the box on a table all night and warm beer
        The Breakfast of Champions !!!

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