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0064.5 – A Vixen Christmas

Merry Christmas from Vixen Logic!

12 thoughts on “0064.5 – A Vixen Christmas

  1. The trick to wrapping a gift like that is to use a plastic plant, then put the real gift under the ‘dirt’ in the pot 🙂
    I did exactly that to a friend years ago and finally had to drop some hints about the necklace after a few days.
    She said she was happy with just the ‘plant’ since she killed all her real ones 🙂

    1. The real gift is knowing someone cares enough to have taken the time to have done all of that wrapping :3

  2. Ferra getting feral with that wrap. 😁

  3. I gave my nephew and niece thicke woolen socks with a gift card hidden in them one year.
    Never got a thank you, though…

    1. Being an uncle/aunt/parent is a thankless job.

  4. If they’re anything like mine, they never wore the socks and never saw the gift card. I make sure those go on the outside of boxes now, under the wrapping but very obvious.
    Even then, I go through the wrappings thoroughly before throwing them out and have found missed cards in them before.

  5. Gotta love the simple Yuletide Gifts~

  6. Yep. Pretty much what my house was like with my niece and nephew there.

  7. Yeah; Arctica likes the unwrapping part best. 🙂

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Here’s to more comics and joy!

  9. That same friend once drove me almost to tears trying to figure out what was in a gift, the more I tried the more confused I got with the way the weight sat and the noise when I shook it.
    I could have taken it to work and x-rayed it like everyone else but I made myself wait.
    It turned out to be a very well sealed big bag of flavoured ground coffee taped down not quite in a corner or the middle
    (this was long before k-cups, when you could grind your own at the grocery store and and add all sorts of flavours)
    and an opened bag of individually wrapped candies thrown in loose to rattle around and crinkle a little. The wrapping war was on !!!

  10. I managed to drive my sis-in-law nuts. Every time she came to the house she’d find her still-wrapped gift to me laying around the living room. After three or four -months- of this she finally got annoyed enough to unwrap it herself… only to find that I had unwrapped it Christmas day and rewrapped the empty box to lay around just for her. 🙂

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