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0060 – Cracked the Seal

No rodent would want to stick around with a bunch of foxes looking at you like that.

I can't believe it's already November x.x

6 thoughts on “0060 – Cracked the Seal

  1. I love the LockPickingLawyer reference XD

  2. And even a reasonably accurate display of the tools(well, the tension bar at least).
    Should maybe have used a Lishi tool to read the correct bitting for a replacement key, or stayed to swap the core with a new one.

  3. hehehe SQUISH!

  4. Love the reference as well. Looking forward to seeing what’s behind the door. Poor Zerda getting squished like that. “2D” indeed. lol.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  5. It’s like the “Stateroom Scene” from A Night at the Opera… but with a crowd of people who are going to fall INTO the room.

  6. The door will lead them to a door in a parallel reality. A room known only as 02, where beings where beings who do not have fur on their bodies dwell.

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