Page 55Page 55 French Translation
Page 55Page 55 French Translation

0055 – Voting With Your Wallet

Any resemblance to actual corporations, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

5 thoughts on “0055 – Voting With Your Wallet

  1. These businesses know us better than we know ourselves.

  2. Nice new page. Love the pose and expressions. Good message too. Reminds of all the criticism of older generations asking who’s going to be the pop star that defines our time. Will be remembered as we get older.

    This also got me thinking of what the future of this consumer model could turn into.

    How do you think people will react when “Sorcerers” come out with their AI-generated online subscription model?

    Users will get instant access to online exclusive cards, virtual tabletop game play, fan community, and fully rendered 3D animations and environments any time of day they want. Coming to your headset, phone, console, etc. Near or on you!

    No worry about play testing either. AIs have been doing that for years now. It’ll know if a proposed card will fit and not break a deck nearly immediately. Well, within a day, that’s for sure.

    New cards, new challenges, new rewards, all shiny and brand new every single day. Collect them all. Do a month “check-in” challenge to get each and every new release and a special reward and achievement!

    Pay a small additional fee to get your favorites printed for your IRL deck. (If anyone still has one. Lol.)

    No more stores, no more hassle of leaving the house and losing precious game time. Truly “Live the game! Be the Game!™”


  3. Sorceres …of…the…bay heheh

  4. Hehehe, good luck keeping up with all of these cards, Leo! Wait… why are you looking at me?

  5. I like Arctica! 🙂

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