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Page 49Pave 49 French

0049 – G-g-g-ghosts!

Mystery intensifies!

Now who would we call for such a predicament?

11 thoughts on “0049 – G-g-g-ghosts!

  1. Red’s expression in the last panel šŸ˜…

  2. Ghostvixens! Um… no… Vixenbusters? Naw, that’s worse… Okay, no idea who to call šŸ˜‰

    Sneaky pajama Zerda is very cute.

  3. Ha! Knew it. Iā€™m imaging all of them dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween.

  4. So, what is this gonna be?
    My guess is a young stray male who moved into that room and never got noticed enough to have rent collected from him.

  5. How did you make them adorable in every single panel! HOW?! Tell me your secrets! lol.

    Looking forward to learning the secret behind 2D! I hope the reveal doesn’t fall flat! šŸ˜

    1. Hehe~ That’s all Foxboy’s doing. He’s amazing!

      1. He really is! Thanks to you both for your work and dedication to this project!

  6. Could be another female, as well — but yeah, either way, the most obvious explanation is that someone is living in that room without anyone knowing about it. Maybe sneaking in and out through the window, or maybe just being really, really good at knowing exactly when it’s safe to come out of the room once all the other housemates are at school or work.

  7. I just realised something…
    When Red took her fateful first shower she did it in the big communal showers… And her Grandfather had left her a welcome basket of the ‘good stuff’ in there…
    Does that mean there’s no separate shower for the master bedroom?
    Where and when did her Grandfather shower?
    Yeah, I have a dirty mind…

    1. There is indeed only the one shower room in the house šŸ˜‰ As for how that worked out, that’s between Grandpa and the vixens~

      1. Now, imagine when Red realises this…

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