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Page 44 French

0044 – In Over Her Head

Nothing like a hot shower to reflect on the day.

At least Red wasn't caught by surprise this time.

7 thoughts on “0044 – In Over Her Head

  1. God, Red looks freaking GORGEOUS with her hair down

    1. It’s fun to draw them in different outfits and styles~ Also naked :3

  2. That is quite the epic and open bath for a house! Gets my approval! Nice job! Too bad more places aren’t like that.

    1. Our church operated a servicemen’s center in San Antonio during the Vietnam War. It was a big old classic mansion that they divided up into sleeping dorms. It had huge communal showers such as we see here.

  3. All dormitories occupied by young female persons-anthropomorphic or otherwise- have large elaborate bathing facilities. No one has yet explained why this is, but this conclusion is supported by the evidence.

    Now that I’ve made a study or anything. ?

  4. definitely naked :3

  5. I like the fennic’s hair in all this, and Red’s face is especially good in panel two. 🙂

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