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Page 26Page 26 French
Characters: Red

0026 – Wake-Up Call

Grandpa has got some explaining to do...

Now with French translations kindly provided by @LeXP3Furry. (click the translation button in the upper right corner)

7 thoughts on “0026 – Wake-Up Call

  1. Now we hear gramps for the first time speaking to her.

  2. Grandpa has some explaining to do…

  3. Well two things are established.
    (1) Red does not sleep skyclad.
    (2) she can go from half asleep to fully awake with the proper motivation?

  4. I mean after being exposed in front of all her new roommates I’m not surprised she’d try to avoid any future instances of nudity.

  5. Chakat Nguyen Brownears

    Grandpa is probably checking if she is awake and working early in the morning. At least i would 🙂

  6. So how lewd is this comic going to be? Just nudity or …

    1. Just nudity and adult hijinks. Maybe even a little bit of swearing.

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