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0023 – Passing the Torch

This still beats a job interview.

A little later than usual on this one. Sorry! Holiday and all.

Translation by @LeXP3Furry

4 thoughts on “0023 – Passing the Torch

  1. Poor Red, thought she could use an easy house sitting gig, to figure out what she was going to do with herself. And why do I have the feeling that the Old Man has done this before.

  2. The ‘Logic’ is coming into the view.

  3. Well, at least she can add landlady to her resume. That’s useful.

  4. To be fair it’s not her responsibility to care for all these people. She wasn’t informed and she was expecting her grandpas house to live alone. So this guy is kinda being an ass cause it seems like he shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Idk just thought it was annoying that she shows up without full knowledge and he has the audacity to imply shes lazy x3

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