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0017 – Player Two Has Entered the Game

More vixens = more better.

Translation by @LeXP3Furry

6 thoughts on “0017 – Player Two Has Entered the Game

  1. Now who is she?

  2. Who is this vixen?

    1. Her name is Ferra, a Tibetan fox. :3

      1. Ah okay then. This had gotten interesting.

  3. LoL! I just love Red’s shocked reaction here! The facial expressions are amazing. Her mind must be going into overdrive. Both the embarrassment and shock of being caught naked, when she thought she was the only person who would be in her grandpa’s house, plus “WTF! Grandpa has a girl my age living with him?”… and that girl is naked too, and obviously doesn’t care that Red sees her nudity. She has to at least be wondering if her grandpa has a much younger girlfriend.

    I’m guessing it won’t be long before she discovers either that her grandpa only rents a room here (and doesn’t own the house), along with other residents; or, that while he may own the place, he rents rooms out to others. Curious though about that shower architecture. Was the building initially constructed to be a same-sex boarding house?

  4. Ah okay then. This got interesting.

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