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Page 14Page 14 French
Characters: Red

0014 – Smelly Laundry; Smelly Vixen

I guess this comic has nudity in it. :O

You all saw this coming~

Translation by @LeXP3Furry

7 thoughts on “0014 – Smelly Laundry; Smelly Vixen

  1. Woah, she’s a cutie.
    But man am I glad I waited before sharing this to anyone, that could’ve caused trouble.

    1. Whoops! Sorry about that! X3
      We’ve added an 18+ to the banner and made mention of it in the About section.

  2. I’m betting grandpa rents out several rooms in his home, and she is about to walk in buck naked on one of the other residents…

  3. I hope this casual nudity ends up being a regular thing. I love characters who are comfortable in nothing but their own fur.

  4. Might as well to wash the rest.

  5. Please tell me she didn’t start the wash before going to shower. Going to run out of hot water fast!

  6. Revised thought. Grandpa doesn’t own this house at all. He just rents a room here, as do several other tenants. Or if he does own it, he is supplementing his income by renting rooms to others. Heck, In real life, I rent out one room in my three bedroom house. And I would rent out the other one that is not occupied, but it is too full of stuff like craft supplies and excess furniture. Either way, it seem likely that at any moment now, she will stroll naked into a room occupied by strangers.

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